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I’ve had it two days. Oh my gosh I love this gadget!
It is such a definite improvement from having to use the loud pediatric compressor and old outdated nebulizers that I was forced to use before. That machine was never meant to be used by an adult but since it was left over from my nephews bout with a virus many years ago, I used that until I could get my own because I don’t have much money.
Not only is the Aeroneb Go for all intents and purposes silent, it also has no vibration to make your hands feel numb. I have sensitive hearing and even putting my ear right up to it all I can hear is a tiny sound like fizzing soda pop.

Now for the constructive criticism portion:
– It didn’t come with the stand. I ordered that from a different company than the one I ordered the unit from because they didn’t carry the stand. The stand is essential. I’m glad I got it. I ended up using it not only for setting the unit down but also while taking a treatment because it helps me hold onto it securely. Maybe the company will include it in the future.
– No on/off switch on the AC controller. I didn’t think this would matter at first but quickly realized that four plus times a day jiggling the plug out of the outlet to turn it off would get to be a time waster. I plugged it into an extension cord with a switch meant for Christmas lights, much better.
– A very minor thing: The indicator light on the nebulizer itself that is right above the plug-in area never worked, right out of the box. You can see that it is not lighting up in the video. I really see no need for it any way so if this is likely to be DOA often the company could just remove it.


Whenever I need to learn how to do something new I usually end up on YouTube looking at videos so I thought I would try making an instructional of my own and started with a recipe because this egg salad is one thing I know backward and forward.

Of course I could feel it, that longest minute. We’d been talking for a while.  Surely Mr. Chemistry what’s his name is ready to start class by now and I should pay attention, mister teach us some chemistry now, it’s time, no, he’s shuffling papers slowly way on the other side of the room and there’s no good reason why I should be looking his way.  Everyone seems half asleep in first hour, usually that is. What the heck??  I didn’t know that…but, ok well it didn’t just land there, that wouldn’t make sense. Was it something I said? It must have been something. We were laughing about something just before.  I look down at the heavy black desk top. I’m trying to find something else to focus on and not look left at all. It didn’t just land there. Nothing else going on, damn it.  The warmth has settled into my own now, melded together in a way. You’re taking too long and being weird I yell at myself in my head.  Say something! Anything! I didn’t know that she was… I had no idea… I’m not. Yeah, say that, say “I’m not”, say it. But what if it’s not what I think?  I turn only halfway towards but not facing Stephanie and ask “Did we have any of those homework problems?” There’s a pause.

“You can feel that can’t you?  I KNOW you do.” She says smiling and quite amused.

“Feel what?” I said more convincingly unfazed than I thought I would.

“My hand on your leg, silly.” almost annoyed.

“I have No IDEA what you are talking about.” I laugh in my best you’re crazy voice.

“Yeeees, you dooo!” she says leaning very close to my ear now, giving a big squeeze to my thigh. Definitely annoyed but laughing.

I’m not looking at her.


“I, um”


“I don’t know”

“Am I making you uncomfortable?”


“Do you want me to move my hand?”

“um, yeah”

“Ok, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

“You didn’t scare me, it’s just, I don’t know.”

“No, I’m sorry, really.”

I don’t really need a boyfriend.  That’s it. That’s what I had been saying. Yeah, who needs them. That’s what we laughed about. It’s so cold where the warm laughing was and no way to go back, no rewinding back to that moment.
I remember at the time I was thinking as I went to my next class I should really try to find that guy who sent me a valentine. That was really kinda sweet. I don’t know why that had bewildered me so much. It was meant to be sweet, clearly. I see that now.