I’ve had it two days. Oh my gosh I love this gadget!
It is such a definite improvement from having to use the loud pediatric compressor and old outdated nebulizers that I was forced to use before. That machine was never meant to be used by an adult but since it was left over from my nephews bout with a virus many years ago, I used that until I could get my own because I don’t have much money.
Not only is the Aeroneb Go for all intents and purposes silent, it also has no vibration to make your hands feel numb. I have sensitive hearing and even putting my ear right up to it all I can hear is a tiny sound like fizzing soda pop.

Now for the constructive criticism portion:
– It didn’t come with the stand. I ordered that from a different company than the one I ordered the unit from because they didn’t carry the stand. The stand is essential. I’m glad I got it. I ended up using it not only for setting the unit down but also while taking a treatment because it helps me hold onto it securely. Maybe the company will include it in the future.
– No on/off switch on the AC controller. I didn’t think this would matter at first but quickly realized that four plus times a day jiggling the plug out of the outlet to turn it off would get to be a time waster. I plugged it into an extension cord with a switch meant for Christmas lights, much better.
– A very minor thing: The indicator light on the nebulizer itself that is right above the plug-in area never worked, right out of the box. You can see that it is not lighting up in the video. I really see no need for it any way so if this is likely to be DOA often the company could just remove it.



Step 1 :  Hang crystals in West facing windows so that they catch the direct rays of the evening sun.

Step 2 :  Be Amazed!!

Of course, it would work the same with morning (East) rays, I would miss the light show to morning mental fog though if I did it that way.

Little kids can “catch” them in their hands or on sheets of paper, which is entertaining for about a minute.





Ok, you’re right, that isn’t a rainbow, it’s what happens when light hits a dusty metalic screw on lid.